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Stemming out of South Central Los Angeles, Cousin Feo is an independent artist & creative who’s collective body of work has created its own subculture through its defining sound. Unifying arguably the two most impactful cultures to capture the planet, he’s forged his own lane blending the sound & passion of football (soccer for the uneducated) with the raw & rugged energy of the streets. 


Raised off of Planet Asia, Sick Jacken, Wutang, Nas, Mobb Deep, The Jacka (RIP), The Roots’s Black Thought, Big Pun (RIP) & many more, that collective influence inspired him in his own pursuit in search of the same legendary longevity associated with the mentioned. With a discography that continues to grow, international reach has expanded both his solo works, as well as his collective efforts under the “Death At The Derby” banner w/ partner & Toronto emcee, Lord Juco.


With more chapters still to add to the story, expect more music, major collabs, quality merchandise & more visual work from the West Coast representative. Lock in. Nada Lindo, todo Feo.



Hip Hop/Rap

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